Drew Dunbar


It’s Your Party!

Drew Dunbar is a multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter based in Richmond, VA who devotes his talents to giving you exactly the kind of music and entertainment you want at your wedding, corporate event, house party, or whatever is happening in your world that needs great live music!

He performs as a solo artist bringing just his guitar along or he leads several bands that can provide a wide variety of musical experiences.

What kind of experience are YOU looking for?

Completely customize a set list from Drew’s hundreds of cover song options for him to PLAY AND SING or for INSTRUMENTAL GUITAR music.

Drew works with a wide variety of phenomenal musicians to fit exactly what you want for your party. We provide a wide variety of instrumental and vocal music (that can even be completely unplugged and mobile).

Or, of course, you might just want to book the WHOLE THING!

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